Joyful Hearts Children Ministries

Joyful Hearts Children Ministries

The school is bringing transformation to the community. Before, it was isolated and outcast. Through children getting free education, and the Gospel, children are encouraging, and becoming a light to their families

Gerald, village chairperson

Joyful Hearts Children Ministries

My son reminds me to pray before we do anything - eat, sleep. He is learning at Joyful Hearts School, God first in everything.

Gorret, mother

Joyful Hearts Children Ministries

My family had nothing. All the kids were at home. Now my son has free food and education. It is changing his life.

Agnes, mother

Joyful Hearts Programs




Parenting Sessions


Feeding our kids two to three meals per day


Children evangelism through after school program


Medical Assistance

Child Sponsorship $36 per month/ $432 annual

When you sponsor a child, you are changing a life forever. With your support Joyful Hearts can reach hundreds of children through dynamic after-school programs, summer camps, nurturing staff, and holistic programming.

Child sponsorship covers the costs of a child to attend a Christ centered after-school program where they are fed, receive academic support, participate in games and interactive classes that complement their learning.

The sponsorship allows you the opportunity to partner with Joyful Hearts, build a connection with a specific child, and experience our after-school programs through your child’s eyes!

Physical Needs

  • $65,748 for the construction of the school building.
  • 50 sponsors for children at $33 per month. (Food and books)
  • 3 sponsors for teacher salaries at $200
  • 1 sponsor for administrator salaries for $800 per month
  • Sponsor admin office for $5000
  • Sponsor a classroom for $10,000

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God provides us with $65,748 for the construction of our school.
  • Pray God provides the food our children need so that they can learn and grow.
  • Pray that God gives wisdom for our leadership and guides our decisions and time.
  • Pray that as a ministry we keep our hearts focused on the Lord at all times.
  • Pray for the kids and their families so that they come to know Christ as their savior