About Joyful Hearts

It all started when...

Milly was born in one of the rundown towns in Kampala, she lived in a little shack with her single mother and her nine siblings.  Her father was out of the picture and thus her mother could hardly support the family. Food was scarce as a kid, remembered Milly, “We always were hungry because there was so little food”. Due to lack of money, Milly was not able to attend Kindergarten and went straight to first grade when she was seven years with a teacher ratio of 1 to 100 kids in a class room. “I finished elementary without knowing how to read and write in English” Milly

In the poorest regions of Uganda 22%of the children cannot afford to attend lower/elementary education.

Fortunately, Milly discovered different wonderful people who helped pay her grade school tuition and helped with food, still when Milly arrived in High school, she faced an insurmountable challenge. Hear teachers wrote and read only in English, Milly could do either lectures and lessons, needless to say were confusing and challenging.

Rather than giving up, Milly devised a plan, and here’s where the story really gets inventive. Milly recruited five of the brightest students in her class and coaxed them to teach her English. Every day after school Milly would pepper her friends with questions about English and get them to review her assignments. Slowly she learned the language, passed her courses and graduated from high school. Providently, she joined and worked so hard to contribute on her tuition. Three years later, she graduated from Uganda Christian University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Children Ministries, then applied to Urban Promise International fellows programs in New Jersey where she completed her intense two years fellowship with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University Pennsylvania.

“I want to return to Uganda and help kids, I want to build a school where an average student like I was can gain an education and break the cycle of poverty. This is my passion, this is what I will do”.  Milly.